Where Is My Oil?

Iran’s oil industry revenue is used everywhere but where it should be: Jobs, Healthcare, Education, Housing and Pensions. The Islamic Republic refuses to say how much oil is extracted, where it is shipped or how much is paid for it because the regime sees oil as their personal ATM for bribes, luxuries and foreign messes. When the Iranian People reclaim their oil, everything will change. #WHEREISMYOIL



Our path is not the path of oil. Oil does not matter to us. The nationalization of oil does not matter to us. It is a mistake. Our goal is Islam. Our goal is not oil. If someone nationalizes oil, but puts aside Islam, why follow him?
— Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Under Ahmadinejad, corruption cost Iran’s economy near $1 trillion—the equivalent of more than 8 million well-paying jobs.

With more than $700 billion in oil revenues between 2006 and 2013, the net increase in jobs in Iran was ZERO.

Corruption in Iran is structural and systematic—carefully crafted to facilitate theft on a grand scale.

Sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program helped regime sanctions busters hide billions in oil revenue.