'Where Is My Oil?' Social Media Activities


Part of our mission is to “Expose the endemic and systematic corruption in Iran.” The main step in exposing corruption in Iran has been the publication of the Where is My Oil? report. To share the findings of this report, we aim to use our Social Media accounts to engage with people. We realize the world is not static and the problem of corruption in Iran is evolving on a daily basis. Therefore, we will use our Social Media accounts to stay connected and current.

We hope that you will benefit from our posts and that you will follow our accounts. We also hope that you will use these accounts to give us feedback about our report, we see these accounts as a two-way process.

We truly believe that after 40 years of dictatorship and mismanagement, the time for action is now!

Please follow us on these accounts:

Instagram: @whereismyoil

Facebook: @naftemankojast

Twitter: @naftemankojast

Telegram: @where_is_my_oil

Please note that the majority of our posts are in Persian, but Twitter and Facebook have a translate function if you wish to read it in English.

Michael De Groote